• Outcome Measurement
    Accurately measuring outcomes for children, families and communities
  • SC2
    Translating policy for health and social information into practical steps for implementation
  • SC3
    Create an enabling environment for e-health solutions and address the digital divide between urban and rural populations in Africa
  • SC4
    Fostering innovation to build an information dependant society to improve quality of life for disadvantaged individuals and communities

The IHM Group is a global development and consulting firm that was founded in 2011 by a group of international development professionals with expertise in country systems strengthening, strategic information, management information systems and organizational development. We provide expertise in program design, management, and implementation and through this targeted support model, we aim to empirically measure program outcomes and impact, directly contributing to improved delivery of public services. IHM is incorporated in the United States as a Minority Owned Small Business Limited Liability Company (LLC). We are also incorporated, locally owned and managed in South Africa. 


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